Investor Accounting for partners and shareholders is inherently complex with its multi-class investments, liquidity fees, and reporting needs. Tracking all of these using spreadsheets can become increasingly difficult and error-prone.

HedgeTek® is built to handle the most intricate investor accounting needs. It tracks investors’ investment accounts, calculates a variety of fees across multiple structures including Master Feeders, for monetized, unitized & private equity funds, and generates statements for partner & fund level performances.

HedgeTek’s easy integration tool allows data download and import between systems, thereby eliminating tedious manual input and improving operational efficiencies across all aspects of back-office fund accounting. HedgeTek provides a dual book and tax allocation system that can be used by investment firms to generate their customized investor statements and tax reporting.

HedgeTek was developed and continues to evolve today, with the input and collaboration of industry-leading fund administrators, hedge fund managers, and major accounting firms.

Key Benefits

  • Track all types of capital activity and P&L to streamline investor services
  • Create complex allocation class structures across linked funds (Master Feeder or Fund of Funds)
  • Flexible setup of fees to handle the most complex management and incentive fee calculations
  • Fully automated integration with portfolio/accounting applications
  • Robust reporting and query wizard tool for customized extracts
  • Compliance and regulatory fields to simplify complex regulatory filings (AML/KYC, FATCA, CRS, etc.)
  • Scheduled data extracts to load investor static data into any CRM system
  • Easy to use tools to upload large data set and convert funds from spreadsheets
  • Accurate and fast reconciliation process with any administrator data
  • Professional services team to assist in system conversion and worry-free operations