Global WealthES™

Global Wealth Enterprise Solution – Global WealthES™ (formerly known as TrustPortal) is a comprehensive and integrated Wealth Management solution for large and medium-sized financial institutions enabling them to manage their business most efficiently.

The platform entails end-to-end features, tightly coupled to deliver straight-through processing, which creates tremendous scale & efficiency.

The application has extensive functionality covering Financial Planning, Account Enrollment, Investment Management, Account Administration, Integrated Portfolio Accounting and Securities Processing, Automated Account Review for Compliance, Reports & Statements, Client Access Portal, Performance Measurement, and data analytics for business intelligence.

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated Global & Domestic Trading and Portfolio Management
  • Full Taxlot Accounting with multi-currency capability
  • Global Securities Processing & Settlement in over 80 markets
  • Trade thru integrated FIX engine to over 400 brokers in the market for instant fills and confirmations
  • Integration with custodians and investment managers can help achieve 99% plus straight-through processing
  • Open architecture with flexible integration capabilities through extracts, web services, and XML/SWIFT based real-time messaging – using Biz-Talk Technology from Microsoft
  • Extensive reporting – internal and client reports and statements and built-in data mining tools, with mobile access on any device
  • Integrated Business Intelligence platform with easily navigable dashboards that provide actionable insights into various aspects of business