Business Intelligence

Fi-Tek has built a powerful Business Intelligence application for its Wealth Management platform. The application renders its users with a 360-degree view of the business and enables them to take informed decisions. It empowers them with intelligent insights to optimize solutions for the marketplace.

The application comprises of highly intuitive dashboards and reports providing full interactive capability for navigation through volumes of information. Dashboards containing pools of information aggregated from multiple sources are organized in an easily interpretable form. Moreover customized reports can also be created on the fly using the Ad-hoc Report Writer section. The application is endowed with rich visualization, drill down as well as slice & dice capabilities providing unmatched user experience.

Fi-Tek Business Intelligence
Fi-Tek BI


  • Canned reports and dashboards providing easy understanding & analysis of key facets of business, such as – Customer, Portfolio, Revenue and Compliance
  • Components of dashboards entail various kinds of trend, impact & performance analysis
  • Visually appealing charts and graphs enabling easy comprehension of data
  • Drill down capabilities facilitating access to information at various levels of granularity
  • Facility to create ad-hoc reports with a host of customization using easy drag & drop functionality
  • Dashboarding tool providing options to users to generate ad-hoc dashboards incorporating customized visualization
  • Facility to schedule emailing of report package to other users in multiple formats
  • Availability on mobile platforms enabling Anytime Anywhere Analysis

Value Proposition:

  • Analytics in dashboards & reports enable key decision makers with valuable insights into the business landscape
  • Optimized portfolio management leading to enhanced customer wallet share and new business acquisition
  • Increased client engagement & satisfaction through customized offerings
  • Enhanced organizational productivity & efficiency leading to higher profitability
  • Insights into compliance management enabling mitigation of risks
  • Self-service BI facilitating quick turnaround of on-demand analytics
  • Comprehensive data discovery tool enabling the clients to stay ahead of ever-evolving market requirements