Fi-Tek will be hosting our 2021 conference virtually from September 21st to 23rd, 2021.

The three-day virtual event will showcase Fi-Tek’s industry-leading wealth management technology ─ Global WealthES®(GWES). Featuring best practices in trust & wealth management, new platform functionality, and future technology roadmap.

The various sessions will include Investment Management, Operations, Administration, OpsSourcing (Operations Outsourcing), and Technology along with guest speakers and client presentations.

Access to the event is free and exclusively for Fi-Tek clients. Please reach out to for registration and other queries.

Agenda Highlights

Welcome to Fi-Tek Virtual Conference
– Overview of Fi-Tek – how Fi-Tek navigated thru Covid
– Technology Roadmap to make Fi-Tek future ready to support clients across wealth spectrum (Mass Affluent, HNW, UHNW, Family Office) and asset classes
Enhancements Across GWES platform
Integrated GWES New Performance Platform: PerfTek
– Client Presentation – the main features and why should you consider moving to a more higher end performance solution?
Guest Speaker Presentation
Best Practices: GWES Core Functionality: How to maximize GWES functionality to manage your business most efficiently?
Spotlight with $250 Raffle
New Solution: Model Market Place (MMP) integrated with GWES – optimize your Wealth Management offering
Cyber Security: At the top of Fi-Tek’s priorities
What Fi-Tek is doing to help protect your business and what are the risks we are managing in today’s challenging environment?
The Future for Client Internet Access is Now….TRv5!
-Latest features in the NEW version of TrustReporter
-Utilizing mobile capabilities to deliver data securely
Session Description Track
Best Practices in Cash Management: Smart Cashiering to improve efficiency and controls in cash management
– E-Forms and how you can attach Notes to it now
Investment Management Client Reports – creating report packages for your Clients
– Enhanced Reporting with choice of content
– Setting color schema and formatting
Efficiency Leveraging Imports: there are many different imports – what to use when? Ops
Best Practices: Model Construction
-Let GWES do the heavy lifting of getting Accounts to target
-Define outliers and how to deal with them
-Proxy Asset definition
Best Practices: Fee Processing:
Automate Your Fee Processing in GWES: fee setup, automation and checking reports for controls
Rebalancing by Investment Objective
Unrealized Gain/Loss analysis using different lot disposal methods.
Best Practices: Quick Search:
Leverage QuickSearch to quickly access data and generate reports – automate thru Production Scheduler
Client Presentations
Explore IM Analytics
-Understanding, customizing, and saving off the settings
-trading individual accounts using analytics
Spotlight with $250 Raffle Joint
Family Office: Expand your business and increase stickiness of your most wealthy clients – how can you expand into Family Office services Joint
You Know What it is…but How to Get Started leveraging GWES?
– Account Enrollment
– Interview with Clients
Spotlight with $250 Raffle Joint
Best Practices: Stop looking at Your Inbox and Leverage GWES to automate information flow and improve controls, as well as reduce risks
– Wealth Workflows in GWES
Session Description
How to leverage Wealth Analytics in Real-Life for Data Analysis and Business Management
Client Presentations – Real Use of Wealth Analytics
Data Center in the Cloud
– Hosting – the Next Frontier
– Amazon Web Services (AWS) presentation
Best Practices: Code Table management
Classification is key…. How Code Table data Can Make or Break Your Data!
Best Practices: GWES Integration to your ecosystem: API, SWIFT and File Interfaces: Fi-Tek strategy to createan Information Gateway for GWES integration to your ecosystem
How to get there? How to implement these advanced features?
Spotlight with $250 Raffle
New Client Statements: How to Efficiently Manage your Statement Production

Best Practices: Statement Packages: How to manage statement packages and control who gets what

Spotlight with $250 Raffle
Sunsetting TrustRite – How Do you Get Ready?
Document Manager and other changes you need to    make to transition seamlessly from TrustRite
How to leverage New Production Scheduler
Proposal generation and IPS: How to leverage the integrated Financial Planning and Analytics to better manage your prospects and clients?
Fi-Tek, More Than Technology…..Fi–Tek Services
OpsSourcing: Services and Solutions – overview of our processing and controls
How you can take advantage of OpsSourcing to improve your efficiency and reduce risk
Specialty Assets Services: our Private Wealth Solutions can enable you to offer multi-asset class servicing
  • Over 500 unique attendees from 98 Financial Organizations
  • Participants include
    • Global Private Banks
    • Trust Banks
    • Global Family Offices
    • Wealth Management Firms
    • Hedge Fund Firms
    • Investment Advisors
2019 conference picture at Times Square, New York City.

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